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Audio of songs!

The Oxford Epidemic - Demo

Performed by Michael Winther, Gabrielle Mariella, Brian Charles Rooney, Emily Rogers, Emily Seal, Katie Emerson, Daniel Everidge, Curt Olds, Alex Gibson, James Ballard, Bryan Austermann, Sam Heldt, and Seth Christenfeld, with Angela Novy on piano (except "Sons of England," for which James played)

"Sleight of Hand," "Not for You," and "Men Stand Together" were recorded and mixed at the Green Room Studio by the awesome Mr. Xander Green

All other tracks recorded at NYU's Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program


Music, piano, and vocals by Paulo K Tiról


"The Fish Waltz"

Music by Andrew Siddle

Performed by Andrew Siddle and Kathleen Wrinn, with Emily Goldman and Bob Kelly on piano

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